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Feldenkrais Schedule 2017

I am now teaching a regular weekly class on Wednesday evenings in Bath and on Thursday mornings in Bristol.

I offer individual Functional Integration sessions in Bristol most Mondays, and in Bath most Wednesdays. The dates of the monthly Bristol mini-workshop are shown below, along with the longer workshops and the week-long Feldenkrais Holidays. Themes and details are given on the Bristol mini-workshop page.

August 26 - September 2 Walking on Air holiday workshop - Dartmoor
September 25 mini-workshop in Bristol
September 27 First Bath weekly class of term
September 28 First Bristol weekly class of term
October 6 - 8 Balance in Movement - weekend workshop in Bath
October 16 mini-workshop in Bristol
October 25 NO Bath weekly class
October 26 NO Bristol weekly class
November 20 mini-workshop in Bristol
December 11 mini-workshop in Bristol
December 13 Last Bath weekly class of term
December 14 Last Bristol weekly class of term


Dates for 2018

February 3 - 10 Finding Your Feet - one week holiday workshop in Morocco.
May 5 - 12 Take a Breath - one week holiday workshop in St Ives, Cornwall
June 22 - 27 Penzance Summer School
July 14 - 21 Finding Space - one week holiday workshop in Spain
August 25 - September 1 Walking on Air - one week holiday workshop in Devon








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