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Individual Sessions

Feldenkrais Functional Integration sessions are great for addressing what you need right now. People come with specifics like long-term back pain, knee problems, depression, scoliosis, the debilitation of long-term illness or the aftermath of trauma, and more.

Individual sessions give invaluable personal feedback about a particular concern, stiffness or pain. The information leads to re-learning, taking you forward to the beneficial changes you want.

They are also a treat - a way of rediscovering an easy sense of self.

They are hands-on sessions lasting about one hour. You will work fully clothed (it's best to wear comfortable clothes).

A typical session will involve some talking, some movement in sitting or standing, and being moved while lying on the couch. Sessions vary. The idea is to find a way for you to learn easily.

Sessions are available on a weekly basis in Bath and Bristol.

A one-off session can be useful. Often a series of sessions - weekly, or even further apart - is better.

You can read one person's account of a Functional Integration session with me here.









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