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Eyes, Neck and Jaw

Bath  20 - 21 January 2018

10.00 am - 4.30 pm Saturday 20 January
10.00 am - 4.00 pm Sunday 21 January

Exploring the rich and surprising connections between these three areas and their functions. Central to the all-important function of orientation, this relationship is also crucial to coherent sensory input and clear expressive output.

It’s not always easy to keep the balance - the jaw has to be closed even at rest, the eyes have to be open to see, and the neck has to support the head.

This is all so crucial to staying on top of things that habits of overwork are common, with all the pain and dysfunction that can follow. We’ll learn to identify our unique patterns of strain and discover new options.

Cost: £120 Saturday and Sunday
£60 one day only (Saturday or Sunday)

Venue:  The Dojo, Stillpoint
              The Stoneyard, Old Orchard
              Bath BA1 5AX

Bath April details
Booking and Payment

Before you book,  please send me an email to check there is still a place, and, if you have not worked with me before, what (if any) experience you have with Feldenkrais.

Please also read these notes on how to pay.


We’ll be working in the Dojo, at Stillpoint, The Stoneyard, Old Orchard, Bath BA1 5AX
It’s not an obvious address - one year a few people got lost - so here's a map and some notes:


Stillpoint is about 10 minute’s walk from Bath Abbey in the centre of the city. Walk up Walcot Street (past Waitrose), and Old Orchard is a small lane down to the right. At the bottom, turn left, following the sign to the Dojo, which is up the steps. Add another 10 minutes if you're coming from the train station or the bus station.

Here’s a picture of the turning - sandwiched between Aqua and the Thai Restaurant. (The scaffolding's gone now, so it looks a bit different.)

turning to Stillpoint

There is no parking at Stillpoint - it’s possible to drop people off, but the parking there is private.

Mats and Blankets
It’s a wooden floor, so you will probably need a mat or blanket or both. I have a few spares I’ll bring. If you’re coming by train, and would like to reserve one of each, please let me know.

Contact details during the workshop
I will have access to emails, and you can phone or text on 07973 324035

For more details about the course, please contact me.








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