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Classes and Workshops

I teach Feldenkrais classes and workshops regularly in Bristol.

See the Bristol Classes page for details of dates and times.

Both the group lessons (Awareness Through Movement) and the individual sessions (Functional Integration) use carefully structured patterns of movement.

Using feedback to change
You remember how to know, from internal feedback, where you are, and how you are moving.  You learn to use the feedback from your movement to improve what you do. This comes from developing your awareness of what you are actually doing, rather than from paying attention to what you want to do.



"This organic learning is slow, and unconcerned with any judgment as to achievement of good or bad results. It has no obvious purpose or goal. It is guided only by the sensation of satisfaction when each attempt feels less awkward as the result of avoiding a former minor error which felt unpleasant or difficult. . ."   Moshe Feldenkrais in "The Elusive Obvious"





Everyone is welcome. We usually work lying on the floor, so being able to get down and back up is a starting point. Generally, if you can lie on the floor to work, the class will be suitable for you. If this is a problem, individual Functional Integration lessons can help.

 A wide range of people comes to these classes, from those working with a specific difficulty, like a shoulder problem, or back pain, to those wishing to improve their performance in a number of fields, from walking better, to dancing or acting. Ages vary - from eleven to over eighty years old (not in every class!) but generally adults.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothes. Dress for warmth. Bring a mat or blanket to work on.

If you are a beginner it's good to let me know you're coming.

Before you come, please discuss with me any special requirements or concerns you may have.

It's always an option to try one class to see what it's like.







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